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We have been operating as SHL Authorized Trainers since 1991 and all our training follows the scientific guidelines of the British Psychological Society.

We have trained and certified more than 3,000 HR executives in the proper use of assessment methodologies as well as in employees management and development techniques. Our courses are designed for HR professionals, as well as executives who participate in employees selection or development processes.

Training Categories


  Open seminars

You can participate in open trainings, along with professionals from other companies.



       In-house seminars

Organize a training especially for your organization. In-house training can be one of our regular courses or we can design a training program based on your needs.



All trainings are carried out by occupational psychologists with many years of experience in HR Consulting.

Attend one of our trainings and get a 20% discount on your participation in trainings of the next 6 months through the Loyalty Card.

Loyalty Card

Training Courses

Identification & Management of HIPOs

SHL Personality & Ability Assessment Training PAA

(BPS Accredited)

Unconscious Bias -Workshop

Structured Interview Skills

Feedback Skills -Workshop

Design and Implementation of Assessment and Development Centers

Anchor 1

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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