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Identification & Management of

High Potentials (HIPOS)

This workshop is addressed to Talent Management Leaders, Managers/Executives of HR departments, Team/Unit Managers, Managers of Functions

General information

Within the context of a very practical and participative program, we will be analyzing in depth the various aspects of identification, development, motivation and retainment of High Potential

 Employees (HIPOs). Through sharing of experiences and knowledge with the participants, the ultimate objective will be to reach practical solutions in managing HIPOs, which participants will find useful in embedding to theTalent Management Programmes of their organisations.

Brief Description of Content: 

  • Definition and value of High Potentials (HIPOs)

  • Differences between High Performers and High Potentials

  • Research and statistical data about HIPOs

  • "Anatomy" of HIPOs - 3 important characteristics

  • Identification of HIPOs through the use of objective tools

  • Management of HIPOs using SHL's Mobilize Platform

  • Development programmes for HIPOs

  • Maintaining the motivation of HIPOs

  • Best practices for engaging and retaining HIPOs



Dates held

25 & 26/4/2023 (online)


4 hours each day

(10:00 – 14:00)

Participants receive certification from Evalion-SHL.

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