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Enterprise Leader Development

Develop your Enterprise Leaders by uncovering critical gaps in transactional, transformational, and network capabilities.

Organizations will fail without leaders that drive collaboration

Πώς μοιάζει σήμερα ένας σύγχρονος ηγέτης και πώς μπορεί να πετύχει στο υβριδικό μοντέλο που έχει υιοθετηθεί από πολλούς οργανισμούς τα τελευταία χρόνια;

Διαβάστε τον οδηγό μας και μάθετε περισσότερα

SHL research has identified a new model for leadership success.


Based on the Enterprise Leader model, leaders who not only meet their individual and team goals, but who also leverage networks to take an organization-wide perspective, increase revenue growth by up to 12%.

Enterprise leaders are:

more innovative

more engaged

more adaptable

Identify the leadership capabilities of your individual leaders

Utilize world-leading tools like the OPQ and the 360 feedback assessment, to determine the enterprise leadership capabilities of your organization’s leaders, based on the SHL Enterprise Leadership model.


Create an internal benchmarking 

Use the assessment data to gain insight into the strength of leadership across your organization, based on department, team or location.

Create an external benchmarking 

Compare the capabilities of your leaders to other organizations in your industry.


Develop your leaders

Utilize the data collected via scientifically tested methodologies and equip your leaders with the necessary skills through personalized development plans.


Our Science at Your Fingertips

Mobilize is a multi-award-winning talent management solution to support decision-making across the entire employee lifecycle. It provides a single source of talent data to deliver real-time insights into individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

Use Mobilize for science-backed talent analytics that supports decisions related to:

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