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Volume Hiring

Create an automated, faster process for your high-volume hirings

As the need to fill specific roles that require high volumes of employees is constantly increasing, while available candidate numbers decrease, organizations need to create hiring processes that will attract larger volumes of candidates, focusing on assessing potential instead of resumes.

Skills-Based Hiring that Enables Organizational Agility

Η πρόσληψη με βάση τα skills του μέλλοντος, όταν δεν ξέρετε τι κρύβει το μέλλον, φαίνεται αδύνατη.

Διαβάστε τον οδηγό μας και μάθετε περισσότερα για το πως να δημιουργήσετε μια διαχρονική στρατηγική προσλήψεων.

Provide a clear overview of your organization and the specific role

Create a branded, interactive experience for candidates that showcases your organization’s culture, provides a job preview for the specific role, as well as a clear view of the next steps in the selection process, allowing candidates to determine whether that matches their own expectations.


Assess what really matters for the role

Increase productivity, engagement and diversity of your volume hirings with scientifically tested methodologies. Select from SHL’s range of job-relevant assessments specifically developed for roles like customer support, contact center, and sales, and combine them with automated video interviews or hard skills tests. 

Make faster decisions based on clear insights

Make faster decisions with an overall score for each candidate based on their fit for the specific role, and reduce hiring times. Integrate easily with 80+ leading Applicant Tracking Systems to reduce administrative tasks, and monitor the effectiveness of your high-volume hiring program through an interactive, real-time dashboard.


Provide instant feedback to all candidates

All candidates wish to receive some feedback after the assessment process is completed. Personalize your high-volume hiring process by providing in-the-moment, automated, and personalized feedback based on assessment results to deliver value to every individual, whatever the hiring outcome.


Τι μπορούμε να μάθουμε μέσα από τα δεδομένα μας για τις Skills-Based προσλήψεις;

Διαβάστε το report μας, από την ομάδα επιστημόνων μας, για τις δεξιότητες του μέλλοντος και που να τις βρείτε.

Skills Based Report
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