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Volume Hiring Solution:

A new approach to volume hiring

Hiring the best candidates quickly for high volume roles is increasingly challenging. In order to deliver a return on their recruitment efforts, companies need to engage and empower candidates while gathering the insight needed to identify those best-fit applicants – precisely, ethically and quickly.

SHL precise fit psychometric test

A Fast, Fair and Friction-Free Experience

Easily configured to your organization, role, culture or context, our unrivaled range of assessments – plus video – allow your applicants to have a positive recruiting experience.  SHL enables candidates to show their potential upfront, receive timely feedback and be more likely to want to work for you.



which enable candidates to show their potential and receive feedback, making them wanting to work for your organization



that are easily accessible and understood, helping you predict candidate success in the role.


Recruit in the most efficient way, for any role and regain confidence in the recruitment results.



data visualization, dashboarding and reporting that bring your data and analytics to life for key stakeholders.



talent data that integrates across the entire employee life cycle and supports your talent optimization strategies.

Lights in the Dark

92% of candidates have more than one job offer. Many candidates consider an average of three offers before making a decision.

Talent Acquisition Quarterly Journal 4Q19

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SHL Verify Interactive

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The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential