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Graduate Solution:

Attract and indentify the best graduates for you

Generation Z graduates are unique. This is a generation completely familiar with technology, with environmental and other concerns that seeks a professional and effective, non-discriminatory recruitment process. Our graduate attraction and rating solutions help you exceed their expectations.



τους αποφοίτους με τις υψηλότερες δυνατότητες συμβολής με σαφείς συστάσεις για αποτελεσματική και συνεπή λήψη αποφάσεων.



δίκαια τα κρίσιμα competencies που βάσει έρευνας έχουν τη μεγαλύτερη σημασία για graduates όπως:

  • Takes Responsibility

  • Fosters Team Cohesion

  • Maintains Good Working Relationships

  • Analyzes Information

  • Learns Quickly

  • Generates New Ideas

  • Uses Time Efficiently

  • Works to High Quality Standards

  • Adapts to Change

  • Copes with Setbacks and Criticism

  • Strives to Achieve



για κάθε σκοπό. Δείτε δείγμα:

  1. Detailed Report

  2. Interview Report

  3. Candidate Report

A complete experience, from beginning to end

Just like the graduates of the new generation, the experience we offer them is unique



that works on any device. The user / candidate simply chooses which one serves him.



with scenarios that simulate work situations from the modern professional space, providing the opportunity for candidates to highlight relevant behaviors and skills.


Personal Feedback

to the candidate regarding their main strengths that adds value to the process.

Lights in the Dark

94% of graduates prefer a structured recruitment and evaluation process.

Trendence, 2019

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