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Early Career & Graduate Solution

Graduate Solution:
Attract and identify the best graduates for you

Generation Z graduates are unique. This is a generation completely familiar with technology, with environmental and other concerns that seeks a professional and effective, non-discriminatory recruitment process. Our graduate attraction and rating solutions help you exceed their expectations.


Make the most of graduate recruitment programmes

We analyzed over 20,000+ candidates to understand the importance of specific skills depending on the region where candidates live and the industry they choose. Read our guides to learn more.

Graduate Guide

Maximize diversity

diversity hiring goal achieved by a leading consulting organization through the use of our objective and scientifically tested methodologies

Build a Standout Candidate Experience

of candidates made our education client their #1 choice after taking our assessment

Make Quick and Accurate Graduate Hiring Decisions

was the reduction in time to hire for a global technology giant

Maximize diversity across your selection process 

  • 99% of recruiters shared they need to do more on diversity over the next five years.

  • SHL assessments provide every candidate a fair, equal chance to showcase their best skills. 

1.5 mil.

New graduates are evaluated
every year with our methodologies

A complete experience, from beginning to end

Just like the new generation graduates themselves, the experience we offer them is unique


Methodologies that promote the culture of the organization and are accessible from all devices.


Start with a warm welcome from the team or a graduate and present in detail what makes your organization special. 


Then create a clear evaluation process so that each candidate knows the next steps.


Finally, offer automated feedback to all candidates.

Identify alumni with the highest potential to contribute with clear recommendations for effective and consistent decision-making.


The 8 steps for a successful graduate selection.

Evalion-SHL's expert consultants have created an 8-step guide that will make the hiring process objective, interesting and easy to execute - so your team can acquire the right talent quickly.

Companies that trust us

Deloitte logo

Customer Testimonial


We have been using Evalion-SHL solutions for several years, especially for recruitment purposes. With the use of the Verify Interactive G+ set of assessment and the OPQ, we have ensured the scientific and objective assessment of high caliber university graduates, who apply to join our professional training programs.


With the use of the above tools, we have managed to elevate the quality of our trainee intakes and save valuable time from interviewing candidates who do not meet certain minimum requirements. Over the years, Evalion-SHL has proven to be a very reliable, professional and valuable partner, which has the technical expertise to provide high-quality services, responding always promptly to our business needs".


Human Capital, PwC Cyprus

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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