360° Feedback

360ᵒ feedback or assessment is a process of collecting and assessing job-related behavioral indicators (i.e., in relation to competencies). These are collected simultaneously and from multiple levels of the organization, incorporating views from different types of an employee’s co-workers (manager/s, colleagues, direct reports etc.). The analysis is complemented by the individual’s self-assessment.

«In such changing and evolving socio-economic circumstances every leading company seeks for tools that will develop its most valuable asset, its people! The 360 experience was unique and innovative since it provided a holistic view on how our professional and personal behaviors are perceived, inside and outside of the company. It’s an alignment  tool that gives unbiased and useful feedback to all participants. We highly recommend it to all companies who want to enable their teams achieve greater goals.»

Stamatia Kioutsoukali

HR Supervisor, Coffee Island

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Due to the multiple and different assessors, 360 feedback provides a valid and objective measurement of employee's past and current behaviours against the critical for the role competencies. 


360 feedback can help:


Τhe Οrganization


The employee

  • to receive a constructive feedback on his/her behaviours by colleagues of different hierarchical levels providing a realistic picture of past and current performance

  • to understand his/her strengths and development areas

Smart, fast, and engaging
with an exciting new mobile interface and in-depth perspective on performance and potential.


Based on

valid competency frameworks while they also be customized according to your organization's competency framework.



automated, detailed results reports which be easily used by non-trained users.


Can incoporate

results from other tools like the OPQ in order to provide more sources of information.

360° structure

Indicative 360° structure



completion interface and reports in multiple languages like English, Greek and Russian.