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Assessment & Development Centers

A carefully constructed and well-run Assessment or Development Center can provide a number of benefits to an organisation seeking to improve its approach to the selection and development of their employees, which in turn can identify and predict key behaviours in the workplace that transform people performance.

Τhis method is based on the observation of behaviours during the execution of exercises which simulate real working scenarios relevant to a specific job position.The generation of highly relevant and observable information makes assessment and development centers one of the most valid assessment methodologies.

Assessment and Development Centers can help your Organization in the


of the best-fit candidates in recruitment or promotion processes. 


of potential "high-flyer" employees within the organisation


of individual strengths and development needs

Desing of Assessment Center.png

Indicative process of design and execution of an Assessment or Development Center

Benefits of an Assessment and Development Center

Reduction in turnover and subsequent recruitment costs (as the most appropriate person is selected for the role)

 Identification of potential high performers and high-potential employees within an organisation

Provision of solid information for succession Planning and restructuring

Giving the candidates an opportunity to preview the requirements of the role

Our company was the first HR consulting company which introduced the assessment and development centers in the Greek and the Cypriot market. Our Consultants' extensive experience and our wide portfolio of valid simulation exercises allow us to design and execute high quality assessment or development centers customized for your organization's needs and goals.

Additionally, by utilizing the SHL Virtual Assessment & Development Centers platform we can run flexible assessment centers that will offer a delightful experience to your candidates!

If you would like to be certified in the design and execution of assessment and development centres, you can participate in our training courses.

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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