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Competency Fit Insights: Identify the strengths and close talent gaps

The right talent is critical to strategy execution and changes in strategic direction are becoming more frequent and less predictable. Yet many organizations have an incomplete understanding of how their talent aligns to business strategy, relying on subjective measures of talent potential.


Develop and retain your organization’s talent

With 1 in 5 employees quitting their jobs in 2022, the talent crisis must be resolved deeper down an organization. Therefore, now, it is more important than ever to review and understand your entire talent population, locate where the gaps are and invest in the development of your people.

Talent Management for all

SHL's Competency Fit Solution combines science and technology to simplify the process of collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data regarding your people’s competencies, opening up your talent management strategy outside of the top leadership levels.

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Bring scientific measurements to your Workforce Planning

Measure competencies across your entire organization with our world-leading personality and motivation questionnaires, interactive cognitive tests, and 360 feedback reviews.

Gain access to real-time talent analytics

Utilize the data collected and configure the available real-time talent analytics depending on the most important competencies for your organization, with the SHL Mobilize platform. Compare employees, departments or teams and identify the gaps and areas for development.

Succession Planning

Drive your employee engagement

Empower individuals with instant personalized development reports. And deliver managers individual and group insights, maximizing the impact of development investments, while ensuring strategic alignment.


Our Science at Your Fingertips

Mobilize is a multi-award-winning talent management solution to support decision-making across the entire employee lifecycle. It provides a single source of talent data to deliver real-time insights into individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

Use Mobilize for science-backed talent analytics that supports decisions related to:

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