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Skills and knowledge tests

Skills assessments measure specific skills and knowledge areas to understand candidates’ individual strengths and weaknesses and assess job readiness.

Innovative task-specific simulations and capability tests that more quickly and accurately identify the people with the skills to drive your business forward and produce results from day one.

We provide the SHL’s market-leading portfolio provides far-ranging breadth across roles and industries. Some of the areas covered include:


IT & Coding Tests

SHL Technical Skills comprehensively evaluate technical concepts and knowledge, covering 250+ IT skills including Front End, DevOps, Full-stack, Back End, Data Science, QA, and more. Complete with application-based questions from a 40,000+ question bank that ensures comprehensive coverage with new technologies continually added.

Wide Coverage of Technical Skills

Lines Of Code


A compiler-integrated platform that evaluates coding skills of developers as they write, compile and execute the code in real-time.

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Data-Science and Engineering

Programming simulation for machine learning, data science, and data engineering roles. Applied tests for Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, MongoDB, and more.

Data Cloud

Cloud Technologies

Tests of cloud computing, various cloud service models, virtualization, and private clouds.

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Database Technologies

Applied assessment of DBMS and languages, such as SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and PL/SQL.

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Test of skills to manage technology deployment and monitoring using cloud technologies, web services, systems, and network management.


Web Development

Assess a candidate’s ability to work on front-end, backend, and database technologies such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, MySQL, PHP, and more.


Coding Simulations:

The World’s Most Powerful Virtual Coding Simulations


The first and only

AI model to score incomplete code on logical correctness and quality. Measure competency – don’t rule out candidates on 100% accuracy.


Coding simulation

for 50+ languages. A real-world IDE, powered with IntelliSense, auto-save, custom test cases, on-the-fly language selection,  delivering an intuitive and engaging programming experience.



Automatic evaluation of programming ability using AI algorithms. Detailed scorecard with objective and benchmarked scores, compilation statistics, test case details, proctoring, and more.

SHL Coding simulation example


extensive question bank design by industry experts which can be customized for specific needs.

SHL Coding Simulation sample
Lights in the Dark

39% of technical leaders say that technical skills are the hardest thing to assess in an interview.

Source: iCIMS, Robert Half 


Attract a higher volume of quality technology candidates from a larger talent pool, resulting in a more diverse range of candidates.


AI grades reduce false rejects and increase pass rate of qualified talent pool by over 25%.


Cut short hiring steps by replacing resume screening while ensuring you hire the best programmers. Reduce travel and operational hassle for recruiters.

Hire the Best Coders—Faster

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

SHL Write X Language Test screenshot


AI-driven machine learning evaluates pronunciation, fluency, active listening, listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar automatically and instantaneously. Includes CEFR level score (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Language Tests: Build a Multilingual Workforce with Language Assessments

We ensure contact centers, BPOs, and global organizations recruit more effectively when linguistic proficiency is paramount.  SHL’s AI-powered suite of language and communication assessments automates this process, helping you to faster find and hire the people who will delight your customers.


Written (Writex)

Uses natural language processing (NLP) and AI which closely mimics human evaluators to grade written English text in email or essay form. It provides objective scores, including CEFR and feedback on the content quality and structure, grammar, mechanics and typographical errors


Reading Comprehension

Adaptive, multiple-choice test measuring grammar, functional vocabulary and reading comprehension

Call Center Simulations

Hiring agents who can deliver great customer service and stay for a long haul is not an easy task. As customers become more demanding and issues being handled more complex, you need to hire agents who not only possess right skills but also a customer-centric behaviour.

SHL’s Call Center Simulations replicate a real-life call center environment to identify agents who possess the critical competencies and personality to deliver a quality experience to your customers.

SHL Call Center simulation

Results for a global technology client


candidates assessed in just one month


    hours of recruiting hours saved


reduction in time to hire


Contact Center Call Simulation

Simulation based test that measures the ability to handle customer concerns over chat by referring to standard process documents. It also measures typing and documentation skills.


Contact Center Multichat Simulation

Simulation based test that measures the ability to handle customer concerns over multiple chats by referring to standard process documents. It also measures typing and documentation skills.

Data-Driven People Insights to Make Lasting and Rewarding Hiring Decisions


SHL recommended agents were 63% more likely to be high performers


Automate screening to manage high applicant volume and reduce hiring time by 60%


Hire agents who will increase your CSAT scores by at least 32%

Lights in the Dark

93% of customersare likely to make a repeat purchase with companies who offer excellent customer service.

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential