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Skills and knowledge tests

Work Desk

Hard Skills & Knowledge tests measure practical application and knowledge, in order to assess your candidates’ readiness for a specific job position. These innovative tests, which simulate realistic work tasks, allow you to quickly and objectively identify the candidates with the necessary skills & knowledge to succeed from the first day in their new role.

SHL’s market-leading portfolio provides far-ranging breadth across roles and industries with more than 400 tests measuring specific knowledge and practical skills. Some of the categories of hard skills assessed are the following:

IT & Coding Tests

Comprehensively evaluate technical skills, knowledge, and application of 180+ technical concepts, such as Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering, DevOps, Data Science, Machine Learning and more, in under 15 minutes with our 250+ IT Skills Tests.

Coding Simulations

Assess your candidates’ ability to run, test, and compile their own source code in our interactive IDE simulation, available in 50+ coding languages suitable for roles such as Software Architect, Software Developer, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Data Science, Data Engineering, Full-stack, Front-end, Backend etc. Take advantage of the AI-powered scoring technology to significantly reduce hiring times, widen your technical talent pool, and select the best candidates for the role.

SHL Coding simulation example
SHL Coding Simulation sample

Language Knowledge Tests

Identify the candidates with the required language skills, using language assessments in multiple formats- multiple-choice, open-type questions, or spoken language- and take advantage of SHL’s AI-powered auto-evaluation technology to significantly reduce hiring times, and attract the best candidates.

SHL Write X Language Test screenshot

Call Center Simulations

Assess your candidates’ skills to deliver a quality experience to your customers by immersing themselves in realistic customer service scenarios that simulate day-to-day operations in a call center. Measure critical customer service aptitude including Service Orientation, Issue Resolution, Attentiveness, Navigation, Typing and Achievement, with simulations available for industries like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Utilities, and Retail.

SHL Call Center simulation

Business Skills

Assess candidates for the essential business skills and computer literacy that enterprises need today, such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, with tests in multiple-choice format or simulated assessments. 


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SHL’s skills and job simulations portfolio contains hundreds of assessments spanning many roles across major industries, assessing skills & knowledge such as engineering, photoshop, financial & accounting etc. Furthermore, if your organization has developed its own tests for assessing hard skills, you can opt to upload them on the SHL TalentCentral platform and invite your candidates to complete them virtually.

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