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Maritime Solution

Maritime Solution:
We enhance the Human Element in the Maritime Industry

maritime solution

In recent years, in the field of shipping, more and more emphasis is given to soft skills mainly due to the accidents associated with them. Proper soft skills are proven to lead to reduced accidents as well as higher productivity, more effective collaboration and a better psychological state of the crews. Find the most suitable seafarers based on their soft skills through the use of the most widely used assessment tools worldwide.

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OPQ Seafarer

In collaboration with Ceosan Consulting we utilized the Behavioural Competency Assessment of Intertanko and OCIMF , to design 2 personality reports based on the most widely used personality questionnaire in the world, the OPQ32 which is available in 39 languages.


15-25 minutes

of OPQ questionnaire completion produce valid measurements for critical behaviors / competencies:


  • Leading, Supervising & Supporting

  • Team Working

  • Decision-making

  • Work Quality & Safety Orientation

  • Resillience & Stress Management.


Behavioral competencies

which are analyzed in more than 100 individual behaviors, giving a holistic and in-depth analysis of the individual behaviors in the 5 critical competencies above.


2 reports

for Selection and Development purposes that will enhance the selection and development processes of your company's seafarers.


OPQ Seafarer - Selection report

This report is designed for selection processes. It contains the analysis of the seafarer's results on a 5-point scale, while it also provides a structured behavioural interview guide based on the candidate's results, in order to enhance the objectivity of the personnel selection process. In addition, an optional overall fit score can be included. 


OPQ Seafarer - Development report

This report contains the analysis of the seafarer's results on a 3-point scale. In addition, it presents a development plan, which is specially formulated based on the results of the individual. The report can be a useful tool for identifying strengths and points for improvement and can be the basis for seafarers' development processes.

Additional Assessment Methodologies​

The use of additional assessment methodologies will provide you with a more holistic picture of candidate's potential and fit. Some of our assessment methodologies which can be utilized in the shipping industry are:

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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