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Talent Central: Harness Powerful Insights on Your People

TalentCentral is our world-class talent assessment portal that provides you with powerful insights on your people through an engaging user experience. TalentCentral delivers our talent assessment data through a single, powerful access point and drives improved business performance outcomes through more efficient decision making and talent program management.

A reference point for all talent aqcuisition and development decisions



your talent pipeline steps and set cut-off points and identify trends and growth areas through automated reports. Talent Central integrates with 80+ ATS & HRIS systems.



your personal branding using the logo and colours of the organisation and work together on a secure database that is compliant with AWS, GDPR regulations and international ISO standards.



feature that prevents copying and secures the validity of the assessments.


Extensive portfolio

of 500+ tools and reports that provides flexibility in configuring evaluation processes for every need and role. Access to the same methodologies and ensure consistency of procedures between different parts of the organisation.

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential