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Technology Hiring

Tech Hiring Solution:

Hire the best candidates for tech positions faster, wherever they are

Today, there are more than 3 open jobs for every candidate with tech qualifications. 92% of these candidates have more than one offer before making their final decision. Therefore, attracting and recruiting them, especially from a distance, is not easy. It requires a proper assessment of their technical skills, a very engaging assessment experience and fast negotiation.

Attract candidates with an exciting, engaging experience

Make your organization stand out with an unparalleled evaluation experience. Give candidates the opportunity to learn more about your organization, share experiences from previous roles and provide them with the right tools to highlight their unique potential.


Automated remote evaluation

SHL's unrivaled portfolio of coding assessments and interviews reduces management workload and enables you to evaluate tech potential remotely.


Coding simulations

Evaluate programming skills in a modern and interactive real-time coding environment, available in 50+ languages.

Coding Test Screenshot

Technical skills

IT & Coding tests thoroughly assess technical concepts and knowledge, covering 250+ IT skills, such as Front End, DevOps, Full-stack, Back End, Data Science, QA and more. The tests have been developed on the basis of a "bank" of questions from 40,000+ items, which ensures complete coverage, with new technologies that are constantly added.


Live Coding Interviews

Increase the validity and the impact of your technical interviews with interactive programming exercises that allow collaboration between the candidates and the parallel participation of different evaluators.

technical skills
Live Coding Interviews

Skills Report: Optimize Technical Hiring in 2023

Διαβάστε την ερευνά της in-house ομάδας μας, σχετικά με τα δυνατά σημεία των software developers αλλά και σε ποιες γλώσσες προγραμματισμού δείχνουν την προτίμησή τους.


Technical Hiring Trends in 2023

Data from around the world shows that software engineers are in high demand, despite high profile layoffs and the rise of chatbots that have increased the importance of proctoring and plagiarism detection.


Learn about the latest trends in tech hiring and adjust your strategy.

Recommended Tool

Coding Simulation

Coding simulation for 50+ languages

in a true IDE, powered by IntelliSense, autosave, custom exercises, language selection that provides an exciting programming experience.


The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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