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Industrial Hiring

Talent Decisions in the Manufacturing Industry

With a widening gap in the skills needed in manufacturing positions and a shortage of suitable staff, organizations need to identify faster and more accurately the people who can successfully fill these roles.


Identify and attract the right people for production positions

Enhance the diversity of your workforce.

Reduce candidate turnover rates.

Increased number of shortlisted candidates achieved through the use of our methodologies.

Of the candidates hired at a global engineering company through the use of our methodologies were women although only 20% of all candidates were women.

Reduction in the dropout rate at the assessment stage for one of the Europes leading manufacturers.

Specialized Methodologies for Production Positions 

Mechanical Comprehension Test

The Mechanical Comprehension Test measures a candidate’s ability to understand basic mechanical principles and their application to devices such as gears, levers and simple structures. This ability is very important whenever any equipment, hardware or machinery is being designed, installed or maintained.

Τεστ Μηχανικής Αντίληψης
mechanical technical

Technical Checking Test

This assessment requires examinees to quickly and accurately match symbols and switches based on a given set of rules. The Technical Checking assessment is mostly non-verbal and features shapes and figures. 

Talent Acquisition Solutions in Production Positions

Attract and secure the talent your manufacturing business needs to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Standout candidate experiences give you an essential competitive edge.

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