Hospitality Solution:

Find the right staff that will excite your customers

Finding suitable staff in the field of tourism has special characteristics. The need for mass recruitment and the difficulty of replacing individuals in high-season periods, make the need of quick and acqurate identification of suitable candidates particularly important.

Attract candidates with an exciting, engaging experience

Identify the candidates who demonstrate the highest potential to provide an excellent customer service experience and to complete their work thoroughly and conscientiously.



quickly which of your candidates have the skills required in roles such as front-desk, cooking, booking management, event organization through our specialized methodologies.



job focused behavioral assessments will provide you with the data you need to assess behaviors that are important in hospitality roles.



such as ability tests, English language tests,and video interviews, will help you identify the right people through an objective and candidate friendly process.

Results that have value

Customer service representatives who had high scores on SHL tests are


more likely to
effectively handle a difficult customer


more likely to be characterized as
active employees


more likely to show responsibility and professional behavior

Recommended Tool

Video Interviews On-Demand

SHL Smart Interviews On Demand offers the ability to conduct asynchronous online interviews. Evaluate more candidates in less time and increase recruitment speed by 80%.


The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential