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The Science Behind People Decisions

For more than 40 years, the rigorous and ground-breaking research conducted by SHL’s scientists has shaped the present and future of people insights.

SHL’s global scientific team is comprised of 300+ people scientists, while the SHL Labs innovation hub has the biggest R&D team in the industry of Talent Sciences, with more than 50 scientists specializing in fields such as Data Science, IO Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Design, Psychometric Science, Artificial Intelligence, Diversity & Inclusion.

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Locally, Evalion-SHL Greece & Cyprus has an experienced team of occupational psychologists accredited by the British Psychological Society, which conducts research and undertakes the adaptation of methodologies for the regional market, while also providing training to organizations in their correct usage.


This extensive research background has served as the basis for the development of some of the most broadly used occupational models, which are assessed with SHL methodologies, such as:

Universal Competency Framework (UCF)

Competencies are defined as ‘sets of behaviours that are instrumental in the delivery of desired results’ (Bartram et al, 2002).


The Universal Competency Framework (UCF) is one of the most commonly used competency frameworks globally, and it has been constructed based on SHL’s wide-reaching program of research on workplace behaviors. Validity research has indicated an average correlation of 0.86 between 125 role profiles from the O*NET occupational database and the profiles created based on the UCF (Bartram & Brown, 2005; Bartram et al, 2005).


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