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High Potential Identification

High Potential Identification (HiPo): Discover the future leaders of your organization

Without objective data, identifying high potential employees is challenging, and creates risks for the organization, as it may lead to loss of talent or to subjective decisions and bias.

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Performance alone can't predict high potential

Many organizations base their HiPo identification processes exclusively on managers’ subjective opinions and the results of performance appraisals. However, as only 1 in 7 High Performers is likely to be a true HiPo, 73% of HiPo programs do not have any ROI.

Reduce HIPO Flight Risk

Read the Interactive guide and learn how to identify, retain and develop your High Potentials employees.

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Aspiration to rise to senior roles

Ability to be effective in more responsible and senior roles

Engagement to commit to the organization  

Improve the performance of your HiPo program

Take advantage of the SHL Mobilize platform and the High Potential Model which, based on 431,000 people globally, helps organizations identify the aspiration, abilities and engagement of their employees, offering a comprehensive overview of their potential to rise to and be effective in more senior and challenging roles.

Objectively measure your HiPo candidates’ potential

Assess the potential of your talent pool with world-leading candidate-friendly tools, like the OPQ, MQ, and Verify Cognitive Ability Tests, and receive clear results regarding the critical factors that determine high-potential success.


Get access to reusable insights

With SHL Mobilize, make the most of your available data to compare individuals in terms of potential, and identify your HiPo hidden gems per department, team or location. Create personalized development plans and ensure that your organization is ready to tackle the present and future challenges.

Improve Business Performance

SHL HiPo Solution delivers HIPOs that are 12x more likely to be effective in senior roles. Review competitive strengths and gaps to improve decision making.


Identifying true HIPOs with objective data increases the diversity of talent pools. This can help achieve company-wide diversity goals.

Engage and Retain

SHL HiPo Solution HIPOs are 2X more likely to stay, bring their best efforts, and meet performance goals. 

Webinar: High-Potential or High-Performer? Find the differences

Watch the recorded version of the Evalion-SHL webinar "High-Potential or High-Performer: Find the differences" here.


Did you know that 46% of organizations lack a systematic process for identifying HiPos? In this webinar, we share our experience and knowledge in locating HiPos, as well as the results of our extensive global research on the subject.

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Our Science at Your Fingertips

Mobilize is a multi-award-winning talent management solution to support decision-making across the entire employee lifecycle. It provides a single source of talent data to deliver real-time insights into individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

Use Mobilize for science-backed talent analytics that supports decisions related to:

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