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Virtual Assessment Centers: The future of assessment and development is a digital one

Traditional Assessment and Development Centers often demand on resources. The long distances for the candidates, the difficulties planning and coordination of the evaluators and the expensive logistics can create high costs for the organization. A traditional Assessment Center can also have a "heavy" administrative workload and is a time consuming process.


SHL Virtual Assessment & Development Centers is a simplified, flexible digital process that focuses entirely on people. This new platform brings evaluators to the same virtual "room" with candidates, even if they are miles away.

We give a more flexible, virtual solution to help you identify the candidates who can become the leaders of your organization in the future or to evaluate the potential of your employees.


your candidates. Let them show their ability in a virtual environment with less pressure, through exercises that are relevant to real working life, from anywhere in the world.


management and bureaucracy. Evaluators can easily provide a modern positive experience and offer results in up to 50% less time.


your talent pool. Attract candidates from anywhere in the world.

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The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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