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Structured Interview Skills

Less than 1/3 of the interviewers ask relevant, exploratory questions, thus significantly reducing the chances of identifying the best-fit candidates.


As objective assessment processes in human resource management ensure a fairer, more efficient and profitable selection, it is important to ensure that interviews are conducted in a systematic and structured manner, in order to be an accurate and useful tool in the evaluation process.

General information

Structured interviews can focus, in addition to biographical information, on the assessment of the competencies that the organization requires from the people it hires or promotes (competency-based interview). In this way, information is extracted in the most scientific way that is directly related to the selection and success criteria set by the organization.

The most successful organizations

  • They effectively train recruiters and hiring managers in selection processes

  • They use structured interviews based on competencies

  • They ensure objectivity in the assessment

  • They determine how each professional qualification will be assessed throughout the selection process

  • They ensure that successful candidates, as well as unsuccessful candidates, have a positive candidate experience, based on a fair selection process.


  • Better decisions

  • Common structure / approach in all interviews

  • Reduction of subjective criteria - greater objectivity

  • Top candidate experience


Classroom: 2 days (8 hours per day).



Virtual: 3 days (5 hours per day).

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