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Video Interviews Live:

Face-to-Face Video Interviewing Platform with Added Insight

SHL Smart Interview Live is a new, engaging, and convenient way of conducting face-to-face interviews remotely. Deliver a live interview experience for your candidate in real-time from the comfort of your desk or on-the-go and get deeper insight into fit for your organization.

Real-time, comprehensive & streamlined video interviews on-the-go using multiple devices. Reliably interview candidates across a multitude of job roles.

Collaborative Hiring

Review and rate candidates using scientifically proven processes and collaborate with other evaluators by inviting them on-the-fly and sharing interview recordings.

Interviews from anywhere anytime

Conduct interviews across multiple devices and locations.

SHL Smart interview on demand screenshot

Broaden Talent Pools

Scale reach by interviewing candidates across the globe.

End-to-End Interview Management

fully loaded interview management platform with an intuitive interface and question library.


Recruit in a "smart" way, ensuring the of the candidates' engagement

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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