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Thousands of new graduates are entering the job market – Are you ready?

The graduate recruitment market is picking up again and as thousands of candidates enter the workforce, you will be faced with new challenges.​

You need to stand out in a competitive market, make sound hiring decisions and ensure your process is objective and inclusive.

2022 brings new candidates and new challenges

With changes in business priorities, evolving ways of working and a new generation of candidates, much has changed in selecting graduates  in the workplace. Our latest e-book will tell you everything you need to know.

The challenge for Graduate Recruitment is threefold:

Spark interest and find new talent

Find out now how the SHL Graduate Solution can help you identify those with the star to succeed and win them over with a unique experience.

The 8 steps of a successful
graduate option.

Evalion-SHL's specialist consultants have created an 8-step guide that will make the recruitment process objective and interesting - so that your team can acquire the right talent quickly. 

Strengthen your organization with the best Graduates​

The SHL Graduate Solution will help you create an objective and efficient recruitment process that promotes equal opportunities and provides an excellent candidate experience.


World-leading methodologies such as Interactive Cognitive Ability Tests, OPQ and specialized Graduate Assessment Centers will help you quickly and accurately identify the top talents with the greatest prospects. 

Holistically communicate what you offer

To ensure the best graduates choose your organisation, demonstrate your values and culture - how you positively impact society - their opportunities to grow and contribute, and clear, honest communication at every step of the process.

The SHL Graduate Solution offers a unique experience as it educates and inspires candidates, and helps you stand out.

Provide Feedback to all candidates without restrictions

Never let a candidate feel forgotten. Whether his application was successful or not, applicants should feel that their efforts were worthwhile.

Using SHL Graduate Solution's automated feedback, you can provide personalized insights to all candidates through an engaging video or individual reports.

Speed up processes and gain access to valuable data

Manage all assessment methodologies through one platform. Access valuable data, use easy-to-use dashboards, and leverage our 80+ ATS and HRIS integrations to save time.

Are you ready to find the best graduates?

Learn how the SHL Graduate Solution can help you identify promising candidates and engage them with a unique experience. 

Download the 8-step guide


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