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On a local level our company has collaborated with more than 600 organizations from all industries while on a global level SHL's tools and methodologies are used by more than 10.000 organizations. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships of trust with our clients through our innovative, scientific tools and our ongoing support provided by our consultants.

The Challenge

The University of Cyprus is the first public University to operate in Cyprus in 1989. It now has more than 7000 students and employs 1800 employees of which 480 are Administrative Staff.  The goal of the University is to establish itself as a pioneering institution of cultural creation, outstanding social contribution and as a point of reference in the global scientific community. Therefore, continuous investment in the human factor is a key priority for the University administration.


In this context, Evalion-SHL was invited to design and implement a Workforce Review and Development program for the University in order to identify areas for the development of administrative staff with the aim of implementing development programs.

The Solution

Initially, Evalion-SHL consultants provided consulting support to the PC Competency Framework update process to ensure that staff attitudes were aligned with the PC's vision, culture and objectives. This process resulted in the Competency Framework for 4 hierarchical levels.  


The second phase of the program concerned the objective measurement of performance at the level of behaviors of the entire Administrative Staff. For this purpose, 4 questionnaires were developed based on the Competency Framework of the PK which were completed in 360 format. 

More specifically, 464 executives received anonymous feedback through the 3600 online questionnaires, in order to capture their performance in relation to the desired behaviors for the organization. In total, 4,680 evaluations were performed during the implementation.

From the completion of the questionnaires in the first and second phase, automated individual and group results reports emerged.


At the same time, consultants of our company trained and certified 33 executives of PK in the provision of feedback skills . The trained executives undertook the feedback of the results to the evaluated and the creation of personal development plans. 

"The Workforce Review & Development Solution of Evalion-SHL significantly enhanced the development processes of the Administrative Staff of PK. "The culture of open communication. The long-term cooperation we maintain with Evalion-SHL is excellent."

Savvas Christodoulou

Senior Officer

Head of Training, Development, Appraisals and Benefits Sector

The Impact

For the organization, the Competency Framework update aligned staff behavior with the University's vision, culture and goals. In addition, it created a framework of behaviors that promotes equal treatment, fairness and transparency of proceedings at all hierarchical levels. In addition, it strengthened the culture of open communication and feedback within the PK. The data collected from the completion of the 360 ° questionnaires, provided a holistic picture of the strengths and areas for improvement at the level of behaviors per hierarchical level, per department and individually.


For the individual, the results obtained from completing the 360 ° questionnaires provided an objective picture of how his / her colleagues perceive and evaluate his / her behaviors by category / hierarchical level. In this way, he was able to form a more realistic picture regarding his work performance and the behaviors he applies in his workplace. In addition, the individual development plan created will significantly enhance his personal development.

Organization profile

  • The first public university to operate in Cyprus

  • 1800 employees

  • A point of reference in the global scientific community


To identify the areas of development of the administrative staff in order to implement development programs.


  • Align the behaviors of the administrative staff with the objectives of the University

  • Strengthening the culture of open communication

  • Creating personal development plans 

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