Talent Audit: Identify the strengths and close talent gaps

The right talent is critical to strategy execution and changes in strategic direction are becoming more frequent and less predictable. Yet many organizations have an incomplete understanding of how their talent aligns to business strategy, relying on subjective measures of talent potential.



the alignment between your talent and business strategy.



and benchmark workforce capability and potential across your business, function or role.



talent gaps via a proactive talent acquisition and mobility strategy action plan.


To be able to understand your workforce, you need data - and not just data, but the right data!

Align your workforce with your business strategy

Leverage objective people insights with high predictive validity to increase work efficiency.

Lights in the Dark

On average, 22% of the potential value of change within the organization is lost due to poor alignment of strategy and human resources.

Recommended Tool

Universal Competency Framework

A well-designed Competency Framework helps the organization aligns staff behaviors with business goals.


The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential