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Build top-performing, future-ready sales teams

Secure the smart, agile, digital-first sales force you need for today’s changing environment with SHL’s unrivaled assessments and people insights.

of organizations, sales team productivity is the #1 challenge.

of the sales cycle now takes place online without the customer contacting the sales team

days it takes to fill an open position in the sales department


Increase performance with the right talents

Improve your teams by identifying and selecting the right candidates for roles using Sales Hiring Solution predictive assessments and actionable insights.


Achieve growth, even as buyer behavior changes

Our Sales Hiring Solution identifies the top sales professionals who can quickly and effectively reach customers in their digital markets.


Find the right sales professionals before the competition

Attract the best candidates and offer them a fair, interactive and fast assessment process and stand out from your competitors.

of organizations say they don't have the right talent for sales.

The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential

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