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High Potential (HiPo):

Identify your future leaders

Leadership roles continue to evolve, making it challenging to identify the right talent for future success. Businesses are struggling with this, focusing on narrow sets of performance data or subjective opinions to identify high-potential talent.


A clear definition of high-potential talent is an essential foundation for an effective HIPO program. The SHL Model of High Potential helps organizations understand candidates’ aspiration, ability and engagement, providing a more holistic view of candidate potential for success in future leadership roles.

Aspiration to rise to senior roles

Ability to be effective in more responsible and senior roles

Engagement to commit to the organization  

Add value to your HiPo program



objective, research-based methodolgoies to identify diverse High Potential talents.



your talent pool with that of your competitors and create targeted on-the-job actions that will increase efficiency.



assessment tools that candidates can complete anytime, anywhere, through a candidate friendly platform.

Lights in the Dark

95% of HIPO programs fail to drive development follow-through, limiting HIPOs from reaching their full potential.

Recommended Tool

SHL Verify Interactive

The innovative Verify Interactive cognitive ability tests offer an engaging approach to predicting the future performance of your graduates.


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