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Candidate Support

Providing equal opportunities to all candidates is a priority for us. On this page you will find useful information regarding our assessments. At the same time, our team is available to answer any of your questions.

The assessment process varies depending on the organization, the job profile and the purpose of the assessment. Assessment methodologies are used to identify the candidates' strengths and areas of development in relation to the needs of the position. There is no general rule for succeeding in such a process. Below you will find useful information aimed at familiarizing you with the process and the solution

What are psychometric tests?


Psychometric tests are methodologies that are used to measure the characteristics, preferences, behaviours and abilities of individuals. Their results help to predict a person's performance in a particular role.

What are personality questionnaires?


Personality questionnaires measure how a person prefers to behave at work. They do not evaluate the individual's abilities, but how the individual perceives himself/herself in relation to his/her interaction with other people, the way he approaches information and problems, the way he perceives and manages his emotions. For more information read our article on personality questionnaires.

What are cognitive ability tests?

Cognitive ability or aptitude tests assess how an individual can perform in some specific problems that are not related to any specialized knowledge or experience. These tests measure the ability (potential) of an individual to assimilate new knowledge, to analyze information of various kinds (linguistic, arithmetic, abstract, patterns, etc.) and to solve problems.

How do I "pass" a psychometric test?

The selection process varies depending on the organization, and the respective job profile. Psychometric tests are used to identify the candidates' strengths and areas of development in relation to the needs of the position. There is no general rule for passing a psychometric test, but there are some basic steps that can help.


Before you start completing a psychometric test:

  • Make sure you understand what the test assesses and how it relates to job duties.

  • Familiarize yourself by completing trial tests, if available. This familiarity will help you to be more relaxed when completing and therefore, show your true abilities.

  • If you have some form of disability, make sure the recruiter is aware of it so that he or she can perform some psychometric testing if necessary. Our tests have many functions to ensure equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

During completion:

  • Read all instructions carefully and complete all examples.

  • Do not make assumptions about what result the evaluator would like to see, as this may lead to errors or inconsistencies. It is better to be yourself and answer honestly.

How can I complete practice psychometric tests? How can I buy a psychometric test?

You can not buy the tests we offer to companies but you can complete psychometric tools of various types for free. The following practice tests do not attempt to provide you with exactly the same assessment experience that you may be asked to complete. Their purpose is to help you become familiar with the types and forms of questions you will be asked to complete. Practice tests are not available in Greek.

What is an assessment and development centre?

The Assessment and Development Centers are one of the most valid and reliable methods of predicting the possibilities of the future performance of the employees. They are used more and more in recent years, as they are an advanced process of evaluation and comparison of the evaluated for evaluation and development purposes.

More specifically, the Assessment and Development Centers are a process of systematic and objective collection of observable behaviors through the use of reliable methodologies, in order to identify the existing or potential skills of an individual.


We are committed to providing an accessible evaluation environment for both candidates and users of our systems.

Real-World Accessibility

We ensure that our services can be used in practice by people with a variety of disabilities and that we have tried our solutions in these scenarios. Adding this element to our accessibility approach ensures the practical possibilities of using assistive technologies or making other adjustments that may be required and maintaining the integrity of our evaluations, while still being usable by candidates.

Candidate accessibility

SHL online ratings have accessibility predictions such as:

  • Provides support for the most commonly used screen readers, voice control software, and screen magnifiers.

  • The images contain alternative descriptions accessible by screen readers.

  • Add alternative contrast views to support high-contrast or low-graphic pages.

  • Improved keyboard-only navigation for quick access to buttons, forms and composite frames using keys instead of the mouse

  • Add bypass links, which are useful not only for users of the screen reader, but also for all users who use only the keyboard. Skip navigation or "skip to" eliminates the need for extra, time-consuming tabs, and allows keyboard users to quickly access important areas of a page.

  • Add a warning to pages with links that open in a new window to let the user know what to expect and inform the screen reader to wait for a new window to open or a standard alert dialog box to appear

  • Improve error handling, ensuring that errors are easily accessible by a screen reader user. The user does not need to find and navigate to a specific field before realizing that there is an error.

  • Improve contrast and text size options to support visually impaired users

In the event that due to disability you would like to claim more time to complete your evaluations or have problems completing, contact the recruiter of the company for which you have been invited to complete the evaluations .

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