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On a local level our company has collaborated with more than 600 organizations from all industries while on a global level SHL's tools and methodologies are used by more than 10.000 organizations. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships of trust with our clients through our innovative, scientific tools and our ongoing support provided by our consultants.

Organization profile

  • Barba Stathis, a leading company in the field of vegetables with a history of 50+ years

  • The organization consistently invests in its employees

  • It promotes a safe, fair and meritorious working environment, with equal opportunities and possibilities for continuous development.

The challenge

Development of existing and new Managers so that they have the appropriate professional skills required by the leaders of the new era, who will implement the organization's strategies.


  • Participation of ~90% of the invitees in the process

  • 100% satisfaction rate from participants

  • Strengthening the culture of open communication

Watch the interview of Mr Kyriakos Metaxakis (HR Director, Barba Stathis) with Despina Davidou (Managing Consultant, Evalion-SHL) in which the aspects of planning and implementing an effective 360° feedback program are analyzed.

The Challenge

The company Barba Stathis, a leading company in the field of vegetables, has a history of more than 50 years. The new Management of the company, in the last 4 years, has adopted 2 basic principles regarding its operation which are none other than the sustainability and continuous improvement of the organization.

It is now more necessary than ever to be staffed by the leaders of the new era, who will implement the plan, with HR playing a primary role in the development of existing and new Managers who will have the appropriate professional skills

The Solution

A specialized 360°feedback program was designed and implemented in combination with the completion of the OPQ professional personality questionnaire, the provision of personalized verbal and written feedback and the design of personalized development plans. In more detail the stages included:


  • Special workshop with consultants and HR to determine the Competency framework.

  • Kick-off meeting with the presence of the entire Leadership team and the evaluated managers for the description of the project, questions and answers, questions, etc.

  • Presentation of the tools to the Feedback providers (raters) but also of the importance of the evaluation process (benefits, risks)

  • Sending questionnaires to the e-mail addresses of the evaluators

  • Complete the questionnaires electronically and with absolute confidentiality

  • Analysis of questionnaires by the consultant and production of reports

  • Appointment of consultant and appraisee meetings in the presence of the relevant Director to provide feedback

  • Sending summary results and reports to HR from the consultant

  • Creation of a presentation of group results by the consultant to the company's Management and HR

  • Presentation of group results to the management of the company by a consultant

  • Creation of personalized individual development plans by HR and sent to appraisees

  • Implementation of actions from individual development plans

"The reason for choosing a partner for us, for such a demanding 360° Feedback project, is purely the many years of experience that the Evalion-SHL company has, the scientific staff it has, the tools it uses and the human-centered approach it has followed all these years. After all, I have my own experience of other projects in the past, how they came to fruition, the degree of acceptance by colleagues and the value they added to the organizations."

Kyriakos Metaxakis

HR Director, Barba Stathis

The Impact

For the organization, obtaining structured data and analyzes provided a holistic view of the strengths and areas for development of the participants is an important basis for the design of the development actions that will equip the leaders with the competencies required based on the values and the strategy of the organization.


For the participants, the results obtained from the completion of the 360° questionnaires and the OPQ professional personality questionnaire combined with the feedback provided by the specialized consultants of Evalion-SHL offered an objective picture regarding how his colleagues perceive and evaluate his behaviors of per category/hierarchical level. In this way, he was able to form a more realistic picture regarding his work performance and the behaviors he applies in his workplace.

In addition, the individual development plans created will greatly enhance their personal development.

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