Talent Mobility: Immediate answers to critical questions

2020 has shown how quickly data on organizations can change and how these changes create new challenges for HR departments. Challenges such as COVID-19, remote working, digital transformation and the need to increase diversity and inclusion are putting increasing pressure on HR departments to make faster and more accurate talent mobility decisions. Finding the right people is often time consuming and does not produce the desired results, creating problems to the organization.

SHL's Mobilize platform enables you to quickly and accurately identify the people who best fit new roles and challenges, as needs and goals change constantly.



which included more than 9,000 leaders and won the Best Applied Research in The Workplace Award defined the 27 critical Business Challenges.



Profiles with Business Challenges for every need (selection, development) and quickly gather information about the personality and experience of your employees.



Recommended Talents, but also Hidden Gems, to meet any need to "feed" talent in the organization, both for the present and the future.


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Predict leader success with 3 times higher accuracy


The high-fit candidates according to Mobilize platform are 4X more likely to be top performers in the new role.


High-fit leaders show 82% higher commitment to the organization.


According to the research, 58% of high-fit candiadtes for leadership roles are women.

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With more than 90 validation studies and 1.7 million completions per year, the OPQ is the most widely used professional personality questionnaire in the world.


The science behind people decisions

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