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Managerial Solution:

"Unlock" your managers' potential 

High-performing managers can increase the performance of your employees by up to 26% . Identifing these managers is not easy and most of the time results in costly and ineffective new hires or even wrong promotions.


Make decisions based on objective data

SHL Managerial Solutions will help you identify the internal or external candidates who have the potential and motivation, with the latter proving crucial to successfully move into managerial / managerial roles. Understand which candidates (external or internal) have the ability to form and lead high-performance teams and achieve business goals in a fast-growing business environment.



a consistent, objective and automated process of identifying talented managers using objective and scientific tools.



effective on-boarding processes and development plans for managers.



valuable data on the abilities and the management style of your candidates and employees, at all hierarchical levels.

Lights in the Dark

5% of employees leave their jobs every year due to "inefficient" managers.

Recommended Tool

SHL Verify Interactive

The innovative Verify Interactive cognitive ability tests offer an engaging approach to predicting the future performance of your graduates.


The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential