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Leadership Assessment & Development: Develop an effective leadership strategy

The role of leader in a modern organization is becoming more and more demanding. Many organizations still rely on subjective views or a static set of leadership skills when selecting leaders, reducing the positive impact and increasing the risk of low-perspective leadership.
The result; Almost half of the leaders moving to new roles do not achieve their goals.

Lights in the Dark

Accelerate leader performance and impact

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and prepare future leaders for role change by evaluating their characteristics and experiences based on the strategic challenges they will face.



flexible and objective processes to increase diversity, accelerate the influence of leaders in the organization and increase efficiency.



models and methodologies, such as SHL Mobilize, accurately evaluate, compare with international benchmarking and develop leaders who will lead the organization to achieve its goals.


How Campari uses SHL leadership solutions

Two-thirds of leaders are not adapting quickly enough to meet their strategic or business goals.

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With more than 90 validation studies and 1.7 million completions per year, the OPQ is the most widely used professional personality questionnaire in the world.


The science behind people decisions

We help you evaluate and develop your people potential