Corporate culture evaluation

An organization's culture has a significant impact on the efficiency of its people. Defines which behaviors are enhanced, the way individuals work, formal and informal communication systems, decision-making processes, etc. It also affects the way an organization processes corporate information, as well as market information, meets external requirements and constraints, and motivates its staff. Therefore, the main task of the management of an organization is to actively understand, record and manage the corporate culture.

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Corporate culture analysis can be linked to the development of a new Competency Framework, to enhance desired behaviors based on a clear and measurable behavioral guide.​

Our approach

is based on the combination of a powerful diagnostic tool, the Corporate Culture Questionnaire (CCQ) with the collection of information through meetings with executives of the organization and has multiple applications.



the development and / or completion of corporate strategy and regular planning.



the differences in the way corporate culture is perceived by:

  • different groups of employees

  • different departments within the organization

  • geographically remote units or divisions within the organization.



the effectiveness of specific strategic initiatives.



the dynamic and real impact of strategic decisions, such as mergers and privatizations.

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