Call Center

Call Center Solution:

Hire Call Center Agents Who Will Wow Your Customers

Managing high volumes of applicants and identifying call center agents with the wow factor is an ever-increasing challenge, as is providing a process that delights every candidate.

SHL’s Call Center Solution reduces this challenge with powerfully realistic simulations and a superior assessment experience that will amaze future employees and your customers alike.

Lights in the Dark

93% of customersare likely to make a repeat purchase with companies who offer excellent customer service.


Call Center Simulations

Realistic call center and assessments that measure competencies such as Service Orientation, Issue Resolution, Attentiveness, Navigation, Typing, Remote work-readiness, and more



spoken and written language test that remotely evaluate spoken, written, and comprehension skills



Video Interviews that enable you to meet thousands of applicants in just a matter of minutes and receive fair and consistent insight into fit


Results that matter


SHL recommended agents were 63% more likely to be high performers


Hire agents who will increase your CSAT scores by at least 32%


Automate screening to manage high applicant volume and reduce hiring time by 60%

Recommended Tool

Video Interviews On-Demand

SHL Smart Interviews On Demand offers the ability to conduct asynchronous online interviews. Evaluate more candidates in less time and increase recruitment speed by 80%.


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