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An Exploration of Graduate Profiles in the Greek Market

Unlocking Talent Potential: A Collaboration between Evalion-SHL and Business Pathways

Evalion-SHL Greece & Cyprus and Business Pathways come together in a collaboration for the upcoming ScaleUp Summit event in Greece! This is an exclusive opportunity to be part of the An Exploration of Graduate Profiles in the Greek Market that will be presented at the event.

Why participate in the study

Evalion-SHL Greece & Cyprus, has been shaping the landscape of talent acquisition & talent management for over 33 years. With a steady commitment to excellence, we've assessed 1.5 million graduates and early career candidates in the last year alone, contributing to the success stories of over 10,000 organizations globally.

Be part of a groundbreaking industry dialogue by joining our study. Your company's participation directly contributes to benchmarking the Greek market. The study's findings will be compared with global data from SHL, providing a comprehensive view of where the graduates and early career candidates stands both locally and on the global stage. As you express your interest, you're not just filling out a form; you're initiating a journey where your organization benefits from a wealth of experience.

Process Overview

  1. Fill the Form: Complete the form at the end of this landing page to express your interest in participating in the study.

  2. Select Your Candidates: After receiving your submission, we will provide you with an assessment link, in order to share with your 10 selected candidates. This link can be utilized by up to 10 individuals, who will be able to sign up on the platform.

  3. Assessment Completion: Candidates will complete the assessments online in their own convenience. Our platform ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience.

  4. Receive Comprehensive Reports: You will be provided with three comprehensive reports for each candidate within 24 hours upon completion. These reports include a Detailed Report, an Interview Guide Report, and a Candidate Report.

  5. Choose Your Approach: You have the flexibility to decide whether to share the Candidate Report with the candidates or not.


Language Notice:

Please note that the Graduate Solution and all associated reports will be provided in English.

The Graduate Solution is designed for professional level positions appropriate for recent college graduates. Sample tasks for these jobs include, but are not limited to: gathering requirements, analyzing data, managing projects, producing products or services.

What are we measuring with the Graduate Solutions?

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Key Components of the Graduate Solution

Graduate Experience Scale

  • Quick and untimed completion in under 5 minutes.

  • Globally applicable, predictive experience measure.

  • Face-valid to graduates, including Biodata, History, and Experiences.​

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The Reports


Detailed Report

  • Offers the candidate's overall score, competency scores, and interpretive text.

  • The Overall Score is a powerful predictor of successful job performance.

  • Competency scores guide further exploration in interviews, allowing for a comprehensive understanding.

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Trusted by 10.000+ Organizations Around the World

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Frequently Asked Question


How long does the completion process take for the Graduate Solution assessments?

  • Average Testing Time: 37 minutes

  • Number of Questions: 99

  • Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes

  • Question Format: Multiple-Choice; Forced-Choice; Interactive

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